Best Teachers

Highly Qualified Teachers for All. One of the most important aspects of CBSE|ICSE is its demand that states ensure a "highly qualified" teacher for every student.


Adaptive Teaching

Delivering customized learning based on the student's learning pace.


Convenient & Safe

The buses are well maintained and are driven by experienced drivers, who care for safety and comfort of the staff and students as well.Along with the essential infrastructure the campus also offers other facilities

Students Testimonials

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Tejas Mehata

10th class gyan Mandir

Sikhlo cleared my concepts amazingly. I can study anytime, anywhere and I can allot as much time as I want to study my favourite subjects.Sikhlo online concepts are very clear. Video conferencing way is very good"

Ayush Sinha

Class 11th Delhi Public School, Patna.

This is very good app for Student where they can learn and practice questions. This app will help the students to score good marks in exam."

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