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Sikhlo, the learning app is the product developed by business associates (SDIPL) of Jointeca Education Solutions Ltd, an ISO certified BSE –SME listed Company having presence in majority of Indian States and is a premier IT solution provider related to School management & education space along with other IT solutions.

Our team is guided by Dr. B. K. Mishra ( Ph.D from IIT Kanpur ) having more than 40 years experience in the field of IT solutions and education. Under his guidance we have been bestowed upon many awards for our continuous efforts in the field of IT innovation / Education Assistance / MIS – Artificial Intelligence.

Over the period we have developed expertise in the field of School & University Management, School education, various other IT services used by Government department, Manufacturing, Telecom and Logistic and other service sectors.

With IT enabled offline, Online, Mobile App products & services and dedicated & experienced professionals, we are providing our support for more than 10 hours in India and minimum 4 hours for other countries a day and under process of up-gradation for for 24 x 7 Hrs. We have also developed a sound monitoring system based on Artificial Intelligence which will guide students / parents about student's Strengths / weaknesses and will give analytic report for their better future.

Sikhlo soon will be looked upon as yardstick for quality by stakeholders in the Education Assistance Industry.

Model Question Paper

The student can find Model Question Papers on different Subjects and for different classes. In this way the student can get an idea of how the question paper will look like in exams...

Astrogical Counselling

Astrological counseling is also a useful service on sikhlo.in; the students, professionals can take advantage of this Vedic science delivered by our astrologers for their studies and Career..

Online Test Preparation

The student can prepare themselves for exams and test on sikhlo.in. They can choose the subject and no. of questions and also the required time to finish the test..

Search for Best Schools & Colleges

We are having a vast database of the best schools and colleges and the students and professional can get benefit of this. They can get the profile, fee structure, features and facilities offered by schools and colleges on our best school/college search engine...

Career Counselling

We are also offering career counseling services on Shiklo.in. The professional can register themselves with us and we'll guide them for the right Job and career path..

Assistance for English Language

Shiklo also provides assistance for English language. The students can raise their queries, download practice exercise and get tips on how to improve the spoken as well as written English...

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